The Modules

CIMT’s Masters programme forms part of Plymouth University’s International Masters Programme (IMP), details of which can be found at and is based around four possible modules.

MEMA522: Innovations through lesson study – Teaching through Problem Solving

This module enables participants to focus on the use of problem solving as a principal teaching strategy. The emphasis throughout is that pupils should be challenged with tasks that refer to skills and knowledge just beyond their current level of mastery so that they construct new mathematical ideas for themselves through ‘guided re-invention’ (Freudenthal, 1973).

MEMA533: Innovations through lesson study – Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Understanding.

This module challenges participants to consider transforming their classrooms from a safe, traditional, teacher controlled domain into a more active, pupil centred room where their pupils learn through constructing and developing their own knowledge rather than mirroring their teacher’s actions. In short this module looks at social constructivism as a means of learning.

We do also offer the following modules

MEMA519: Teaching Mathematical Foundations, Applications and Enrichment

This module enables participants to focus on the use of personal mathematical development whilst engaged in its teaching; the mathematics covered (with options that relate to personal knowledge and skills) will range from Foundations to advanced topics and will incorporate extension and enrichment activities to provide motivation and creativity in teaching mathematics.MEMA520:

MEMA520 Effective Mathematics Teaching

This module enables participants to focus on effective practices to enhance the teaching of mathematics with a strong focus on whole class interactive teaching. It will give participants the opportunity to both improve their own practice and to learn from others and to evaluate the impact of resources, including ICT, to improve their teaching and pupils’ learning.