My autobiography as a teacher and learner

In this patch you look through Brookfield’s first lens as you begin to unravel the assumptions on which you base your own teaching.

Bartley (2008) suggests that most teachers are heavily influenced by their own experiences in school as they have had “twelve or more years observing and experiencing good, bad and indifferent teaching.” He goes on to say, “I suspect that they have already learned more about how to teach than they will learn in their teacher training and subsequent career!”

If this indeed is the case, perhaps you should begin by looking back at your own education by completing “My Reflective Journal”.

This should not be more than 500 words – don’t get carried away.

At the same time, complete Form 1 – My Practice – answer truthfully; do not try to give the “right” answer. This will eventually go into the appendices of your write up.

Useful Documents to download

My Reflective Journal

Form 1 My Practice