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February 24th, 2014  Posted at   News, Online Masters
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Welcome to our online MA course. The site is currently under development, so please revisit to site at least every week. I will publish updates through the sidebar.

You may find things a little confusing when you start off, so I thought you might like a simple route map.

Suggested route

Start off from HOME.

Read this page and then follow the link – “Are you ready?”

Look at the awards and assessment page, so you understand what you have to do

Go to the “Suggested route and timeline page” which you should read

Now you should be ready to begin, so follow the link to “Getting Started”

Read this page and make sure you understand that you will be building up two assessment modes as you go along over the year – Critical Reflection on Practice and Developing Practice through a project.

Now click on “Critical Reflection on Practice” – this is where you begin your study.

You should now be on the page “Critical Reflection on Practice”. The study is split into 8 patches. Initially keep these patches as separate files. In patch 8, you will put them altogether to form your first submission.

You begin with Patch 1 in which you need to explain what “Critical reflection on practice” actually means and why it is important”. 

You then move onto Patch 2 – which is a reflective exercise on your own journey to this point in your career.

Patches 3 and 4 are not available as yet, so keep returning to the site to check.

After you have completed patches 1 and 2, you can go straight to patch 5 which introduces you to  alternatives ways of teaching mathematics and in particular the Japanese approach to teaching through problem solving.

In Patch 6, you finally get to do some maths with an emphasis on multiple methods and multiple solutions. You should keep a Problem solving workbook in the form suggested in this patch.

In Patch 7, you try out some of the new methods in your own classroom.

Finally in patch 8 you summarise your findings and create your final submission.

Patches 5, 6 and 7 will also form part of your second submission “Developing Practice through a Project”.

If you need further guidance then email me at contact@lessonstudy.org.uk